Temporary Liquor Permits

Who qualifies for a permit? How much does a permit cost? What is the maximum length of the permit? 

Find answers to your questions concerning temporary liquor permits.

Ohio Attorney General Games of Chance Policy

It is the policy of the Attorney General‟s Charitable Law Section that the conduct of games of chance for profit is statutorily limited to qualifying charitable organizations under the restrictions set forth by statute in R.C. §2915.02(D). Recognizing that the legal conduct of games of chance by qualifying charitable organizations is an allowable and effective means of raising funds to further charitable programs in the community, it is the policy of the Attorney General's Charitable Law Section to provide complete information to persons and entities planning to conduct games of chance for profit, so that such games may be conducted in compliance with Ohio law.


AICPA Sample Non-Profit Conflict of Interest Policy

Purpose of this Tool

It is important that those who work with and for not-for-profit entities (NFPs) conduct themselves in an ethical and transparent manner. The decisions and actions of the leadership of an NFP can have a direct and significant impact on the reputation of the NFP with its supporters and the general public. This tool contains sample elements that can be used in the creation of a policy to address potential conflicts of interest with employees and board members. As with any policy of this nature, the NFP may wish to consult legal counsel for assistance in developing a conflict of interest policy that is appropriate for the organization.         Please contact us for access to this valuable tool.